Welcome to Derma Style

For centuries, BEAUTY, particularly in women have always been a subject of discussion; their looks, hair styles, skin textures, etc. As such, women of today are getting more and more pressured to look good. However, looking flawless is not just about being presentable to others. It is also very much about personal fulfilment and self satisfaction.

Here at DERMA STYLE, we strive not only to cater to your personal beauty needs, but we tread further to realize your dormant beauty. We believe every individual has their own unique self-beauty waiting to be awakened. Coupled with our professional yet personal touch of expertise and technology, we have every ounce of potential to turn what was once a mere dream into a full fledge reality.

Well established since 2003, DERMA STYLE is a cosy beauty outlet that provides one stop pampering solution where you can get yourself polished from head to toe and stand out to be the subject of envy and admiration of others. With 4 fully functional entities housed under one roof; Beauty Saloon, Slimming Centre, Beauty Academy and Retail Selling, our highly experienced salon professionals will cater to your every whims.

We invite you to pamper yourselves at DERMA STYLE! Relax and enjoy as we Unleash Your Inherent Beauty...